What does "prate" mean?

What does "prate" mean?

From http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/prate:
To talk long and idly : CHATTER

Eno River Sunrise

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Skeet Milestone

Location: Durham County Wildlife Club

I have been shooting skeet in a fairly serious fashion for about a year now. A round of skeet is 25 shots shot on 8 stations, and a milestone is completing a round without any misses. Before tonight I had gotten to station 8 “clean” (no misses) a total of 3 times, and couldn’t finish. Tonight I was shooting a practice round by myself and got all 25.

Like most sports, skeet requires mental focus as much as physical ability. Concentration and focus are essential to good scores. In my previous attempts to run a perfect round I had failed to focus at station 8. It’s a good life lesson in terms of the ability to tune out the unimportant and to focus at the task at hand.

Another milestone is having your hat shot by your squadmates after your first perfect round of 25, and then of 100. Since I was by myself that tradition will have to wait for another day. Also on the topic of focus: I decided to shoot another round after my 25. I only hit 18 that time, which underscores the whole idea of focus.